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Official Mirror List

Are you currently experiencing difficulties accessing the official 1win.com website? If that's the case, you can easily access the following mirror sites and place your sports wagers without too much trouble:


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▶️ Introduction to 1win Alternative/Mirror Sites

What will you do when you've lost access to 1win's official website to place your bets? Is it possible to regain the possibility of placing your bets? In some countries across the globe, you'll find certain bookmaker's offices strictly regulated by law, and should the bookmaker go ahead and operate against the law, the available providers will most likely block its site.

Unfortunately, the above scenario has happened with 1win. However, should you be faced with such, there's no reason to panic since there are a couple of ways you can use to solve the problem. We plan to tell you more about this in this material.



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🤌 What are mirror sites?

So, what exactly is a mirror site? Put in short, a mirror site is an exact copy or replica of the original or official website consisting of the entire database. In the context of online sports betting, it means that as a player, you can log in on any working mirror, fund your betting account, place your bet(s), and withdraw your wins.

Of importance to note is that your entire actions, sports bets, and game results remain saved in your account. As a bettor, there's no difference between the sporting events you find on the official website and those on the working mirror site.

😫 What is a 1win mirror?

1win mirror sites are simply clones of the official 1win.com website, and any information you find on the web is available on the server/servers. While the website is one way of accessing them, working mirrors are other ways to access the 1win.com server. Put in other words, if you use a different URL, you'll be able to access the same data available on the main site.

🔍 How to find working 1win.com mirror sites?

Finding 1win.com mirror sites can be quite challenging. However, you can use a few options to ensure you land working 1win.com mirror sites. You can find working 1win.com mirror sites in the following ways:

  • Using search engines – From search engines, you can quickly find working 1win.com mirror sites. For example, you can type a query such as "working 1win.com mirror sites." This way, you can see dozens of them appearing and find several cherished links.
  • Through support – 1win is constantly creating mirror sites to benefit them, mostly by increasing their customer base. If you find it hard to access 1win.com mirror sites, you can easily contact their support reps for assistance on such.
  • Social networks – Top bookmakers such as 1win maintain their accounts in several social networks to ensure they have contacts with their users. In plenty of these networks, you can find working 1win mirror sites.
  • Via a mobile app – The news sections available in the 1win mobile app contain information about mirrors.

📌 How does a website mirror on 1win work?

As briefly noted earlier, mirror sites offer users a couple of URLs for connections to a given website. With a 1win mirror site, it means you'll have easy access logging in to 1win.com, placing your bets, and withdrawing your wins.

🪞 Do I need to re-register with the 1win mirror site?

If you had already registered with 1win.com, you don't have to re-register with them when you want to access the site using a mirror site. Even if the main site stops functioning, all your data remain safe in your account.

💡 Is the 1win mirror site a good idea?

The 1win mirrors are a good idea, especially if you reside in a jurisdiction where online sports betting isn't permitted by law. Of importance to note, though, is that 1win mirror sites keep on increasing in number, and you may constantly want to be on the lookout for new additions.

⛏️ Conclusion – should you use the 1win mirror strategy?

1win provides a helpful backup, especially to bettors residing in countries or locations where online sports betting remains illegal. For this reason, using 1win mirror sites remains the only option. However, you need to proceed with caution since some 1win mirror sites aren't genuine.


❓Why does 1win require mirror sites?

A working 1win mirror site allows bettors to access the website by easily bypassing the MINATD blockade.

🧐 Are 1win mirror sites safe?

Yes, as long as you are on them. Unfortunately, you may end up at phishing sites, so make sure to check.

🌍 Can I wager on football via 1win mirror?

Absolutely! The mirror is exactly as the original site.

🤔 What can I do if 1win.com hangs?

If you are on the real mirror, you need to contact the support reps or look for an alternative clone of the official website.